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Dassett Victory

Well done to the Year 5 and 6 netball team who played their first match this year against Moreton Morrell on Wednesday. The skill level was equally fair but we still managed to win 7:4. Everyone that took part played their best for their school and we will beb having a re-match at Moreton Morrell on 11th March. The squad was Lily, Izzie, Amie, Ellie (Y6) and Sophie, Isabella, Alana, Charlotte and Olivia (Y5). Well done to all! (Report by Sophie and Isabella)



On Monday 26th January a team of some year 6 and year 5 pupil’s took part in an athletics tournament at Kineton High School. Our amazing team was Billy, Ellie, Amie, Ben, Jyan, Henry, Aiden, Sam, Jamie, William, Olivia, Sophia, Annabel and Yvette (Y6) and Ellie, Olivia, Charlotte, Sam, Jack, Isabella and Codey (Y5). We took part in some running events and field events such as javelin and did well in all. We came 6th out of 8 schools but we had a great day and enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you Mr McMahon and everyone who took us! (Report by Ellie and Billy)


The Football Tournament

On Tuesday 27th January, The Dassett Year 6 football team (Aiden, Amie, Ben, Billy, Edward, Ellie and Henry) went to a football tournament in Coventry. We left at 10:55am and got there at about 12:15pm. We ate our lunch in the car then we went to the play area and had fun! After that we went up to goal and took some shooting practice at Billy. He saved many and everyone’s shots were amazing too, so we thought we had a good a chance.

We played our first match! We played well as it was our first game but we lost 4-0. Even though we lost our first match we carried on pushing for a good result in the end! In between our first game and our second game we had biscuits and water thanks to Mrs Upton! 

The second game was against Lapsworth (the hosts). We got off to a good start but in the end we lost 3-0! Another biscuit break was needed! This time we got two biscuits! We walked over to the other pitch for our third game!

Next it was time for our third game! First of all they scored and made it 1-0. We kept our heads high and Amie managed to score the first goal for the Dasset. This made the score 1-1! In the last 30 seconds the other team scored and time was up! We had lost 2-1. 

Finally, the last game.  First of all Edward scored- this was the start to his hat-trick. During Edward’s hat-trick Billy (who had come out of goal) scored!  We smashed them 4-0! All of the Dassett players  were happy!

We had a great time and came 4th out of 5! We got certificates and a bit of a Jaffa cake which Billy shared out as it was the last one! By the time we got back to school we had finished and were full of biscuits and good memories! Thank you to everyone who took us and supported us! Well done Dassett! 

Written by Henry & Amie (Year6)