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PGL Isle of Wight Residential

Thank you to everyone for their kind comments and feedback with regard to the commentary throughout the Residential Weekend - we're very glad that you enjoyed having a small glimpse behind the scenes. In fact the page was viewed over 1400 times. We have posted pictures at the following link:


Safely back at The Dassett. See you next year.

A34 approaching Bicester. Traffic busy but almost onto M40.

Passing Abingdon.

On A34, just passing Didcot Power Station. We are approximately 1 hour away.

They put us on an earlier ferry and we are back on the mainland, through passport control! and heading home.

We have departed Little Canada and are just arriving at the dock.


We are just finishing our morning activities of Giant Swing, Archery and Abseiling in the gloriously warm sunshine and will be going in for an early lunch today at 12.10pm. It has been another good one and the children have been super.
Then we will also be having a treat for Harry's birthday before getting onto the coach and saying our farewells to PGL.
I have a strong suspicion (or hope?)that some children will sleep on the journey home.
Our ferry time is 2.30.


Woke the children up at 7.20 and most children needed waking up, apart from one chalet of early rising boys who had woken up at 6.45 apparently! The chalets are empty, bags are packed (of sorts) and the children are just lining up for breakfast singing a very loud song about boa constrictors - ask them when they get home!
They are all looking forward to their morning activities and also looking forward to seeing their mums and dads again this evening.
I will post updates about our journey home later and will do one more report at lunchtime, before we say our goodbyes to Little Canada.




Children all tucked up in bed and asleep by 9.30 after a really wonderful day where children have impressed themselves and others with their determination and support during our activities. Several children have commented about how nice it has been getting to know people both within their class or in the other class, either through being in the same chalet or activity group, and this is something they will remember forever. New experiences and challenges have surprised and allowed children to exceed their expectations and the sense of pride in achievements is great to see.



The campfire is burning bright and the children are in fine voice!
Dinner was roast chicken, pasta with turkey or vegetarian wellington with the usual vegetables or salad and then jelly or fruit salad.
The children have started to pack their bags and get organised for our departure tomorrow afternoon as there is no time after breakfast before we actually leave. It has been a fabulous day with such a variety of activities, some of which were quite calm (archery), muddy (sensory trail), speedy (quad bikes) or nerve-wracking (zip wire, climbing and giant swing). Children have all had a go and encouraged each other, which is all we ask, and lots feel that they are overcoming their fears or accomplishing things they did not feel they would be able to, especially after the giant swing. Mrs Hine can certainly confirm that it felt incredibly high at the top and the drop when you release the rope......well, there was a lot of screaming initially followed by huge grins and giggles (and not just from Mrs Hine!)
We will be doing lights out slightly earlier this evening as it is catching up with the children - although some of them seem to be on a sugar high having been to the shop at 6pm. Have money, must buy, must eat!
Final update of the day once lights are out.



Everyone visiting shop with a small amount of downtime before dinner. The evening activity for everyone is a campfire.



Half way through the afternoon. More muddiness and lots of screaming on the giant swing! Quad bikes and archery completes the selection for the afternoon - as many have said "this is epic".



Free time at the end of another busy morning. Some children are relaxing in and by the chalets, some are playing games with our PGL group leader, Alex, and some are in the Activity zone playing pool and table football. Fabulous behaviour means some independence for the children, as long as you are in groups of at least 3 at all times and have a watch in order to be back on time for lunch at 1.35pm. We are very pleased with everyone and their fantastic attitudes.



Breakfast was sausages, plum tomatoes, baked beans, hash browns as well as the usual porridge, cereal, yogurt and toast and all ate heartily!
Just moved onto the second activity of the morning after zipping down wires and climbing the superb indoor climbing wall. Everyone participating enthusiastically and challenging themselves - even when feeling slightly nervous - and they are all accomplishing amazing things.
It is hot, hot, hot and we are having a great time.
Room inspections this morning were impressive with neat and tidy chalets with nearly every wet towel, T-shirt, swimming costume, pair of trousers, socks or shoes being hung over balconies to dry rather than being left in a pile in the corner! Excellent!



No children up before 7.30 and many still sound asleep at 7.45!
However, now all up and about in the glorious sunshine enjoying each others' company and getting ready for room inspection. Breakfast at 8.35am and then straight into the days' activities including zip wire, indoor climbing, sensory trail, archery, quad biking and giant swing - all very exciting.
Hoping to update mid-morning but definitely at lunchtime.





Final report of the day now that children are all tucked up and in bed. It is very quiet and the children have realised that non-stop activity weekend really does mean non-stop and are feeling quite tired, to say the least! They have loved their day, with the muddiness of the sensory trail and the capsizing in the sea. Everyone is being a good friend and at the end of the day, just before going to bed, we fed back what or who we felt proud of today or enjoyed most and several people nominated other members of their activity groups that they have begun to form new friendships with and supported during the day.
It has been a pleasure spending time with the children and seeing them try new things or attempt to overcome fears, whilst being encouraged by their group. The food today has been fabulous and all children are eating well - how they still manage to find space for sweets I have no idea!
So, a wonderful day, helped by the beautiful and unexpected weather, and we are really looking forward to a good night's sleep, ready for another action packed and joy filled day.
More updates tomorrow.



A little bit of down time in the chalets and then dinner: Cowboy Pie!, Vegetable Lasagne, Chicken Nuggets, Treacle Sponge, Fresh Fruit and now, fully replete and renewed onto The Scavenger Hunt.



Wow. Two more activities for everyone this afternoon so we've all had kayaking, canoeing, the sensory trail and The Matrix - Shhhh, and there are lots of very muddy and wet clothes....Luckily we have had amazingly beautiful, warm, sunny weather to dry them all and that matched only by the sunny, smiling faces of all of the children. Also fortunately all the children have managed to find the showers.
They are in the shop at the moment and dinner is at 6.35 which will be followed by The Scavenger Hunt.
There were quite a number of children who went 'accidentally' overboard today, much to everyone's amusement and they are all getting along famously. There are definitely the beginnings of some tired eyes so hopefully a good (early) night may be ahead of us. Final report after The Scavenger Hunt.


It is gloriously sunny and a really warm Summer's day. Buritos, salad, fresh fruit for a really well earned lunch and off to the third activity of the day. It's go, go, go, and everyone is having an amazing start to the weekend.


Back at chalets after a fabulous morning and everyone very READY for lunch.


Huge downpour during breakfast and have been basking in the sunshine ever since. On the beach and out at sea in canoes and kayaks, although in the sea on quite a few occasions! Much fun and laughter and great team building. Other groups Quad Biking and in the Matrix Shield - Shhhhh. Glorious day and everyone having a terrific time. Lunch will be most welcome at 1235.


The first update of the day, after a rude awakening at 5.47am by some very excited boys looking at what they needed to wear for their activities! They were sent back to bed and told not to re-emerge until 7am which they just about managed.
Everyone slept well and have woken up with enormous smiles on their faces. The chalets are looking quite neat and tidy ready for inspection to win a prize for the best chalet at the end of the weekend. We have had a few really good rumbles of thunder but no rain so far.
Today's activities include Canoeing and kayaking, The Matrix and Sensory Trail. Next update at lunchtime.




The children are all in bed after a busy day - lights out but not quite asleep yet! Hopefully it won't take too long as the children are all pretty tired. Everyone happy with their groups and chalets and we have had a super day with lots of smiles and laughter. Will report more tomorrow before our breakfast at 08.35 and first activity at 09.15. 


Everyone is well settled into their chalets and full of steak and mushroom pie, fish or vege sausages followed by lashings of ice cream. Evening activity is Find The Flag and they're off. Return to the chalets at 9.00 and lights out around 9.30.


Site tour for the children is happening as we type, then a small amount of chalet time and dinner is at 6.35. After dinner the first evening activity will begin!


Lots of children barely able to contain their excitement as we arrive, all safe and sound and getting settled into our rooms ready for dinner and our first evening.


At the port and sorting out rooms.


Just passing HMS Victory.


Had a great journey with one nature break! We are just arriving in Portsmouth where we will be having lunch overlooking the sea. Much D-Day excitement all around us. Our ferry is scheduled for 3.30pm.


Departure time. Away on schedule and lots of very happy, excited children.