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4th Annual Dassett Arts Exhibition 'Africa'

“A Beautiful Exhibition – well presented. Worthy of the Birmingham Museum of Art Gallery”

Just one of many similarly glowing comments about the stunning ‘African’ Art on display at The 4th Annual Dassett Art Exhibition on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th November 2014.

Every single visitor was wowed by the spectacle of Year 3’s large scale artwork based on Maasai people, which faced the entrance to the exhibition, as they walked between 6ft shields and spears and past the gaping jaws of the Hippopotamus, to enter ‘Africa’. The vibrant and warm colours on every display and the huge array of skill demonstrated by the children delighted and amazed everyone who saw it. This year the exhibition was a feast not just for the eyes but also for the ears, as the rhythmic drumming of African Tribes accompanied the viewing, often with real life interaction from the children of The Dassett, many of whom took part in African drumming activities during the Arts Week.

Whether people were admiring the wonderful 3D hippopotamus, fabulous flying rainbow fish, superb tribal shields or marvellous and very scary tribal masks; zebra face sketches, musical rainsticks, Tinga Tinga Paintings from Tanzania or Mudcloth art from the Bamana People of Mali; Adinkra patterns from the Ashanti tribe in Ghana, camouflage maps, African flag maps, clay pots or 3D relief maps, every single item on display prompted discussion, awe and wonder about both this fabulous continent and its people and the huge talent on show by the pupils at our school. Many of the children accomplished more than they thought possible, with materials and techniques previously never experienced and this joy and sense of pride and achievement is what Arts Week is all about. There was sculpture, sketching, acrylic painting and watercolours of many different sizes. Printing using sponges and potatoes, modroc and plastic masks, sticking, cutting and chalks and collage to name but a few of the fantastic techniques the children developed to create the wonderful work on display. Video footage of the African dancing each child took part in, courtesy of The Friends, is in the Gallery section of the website, as are many photographs of the Exhibition.

Parents commented that their children had not only had fun but learnt an enormous amount about the culture, traditions and geography of Africa as part of this celebration of the Arts. Every year we are blown away by this event and this year was no exception – what a fabulous way to spend time during cold, drizzly November by being transported to Africa.

Enormous thanks must go to all those who made the Arts Week and Exhibition possible – the staff, volunteer parents, Friends and  contributors of authentic artefacts – without whom it would never have happened and been the phenomenal success it was.   But, of course, the stars were the children – they worked together with such enthusiasm, joy, determination and collaboration during Arts Week it made it such a pleasure for all involved.

Plans are already afoot for the 2015 Arts Week  extravaganza and so, if you enjoyed this year’s exhibition, and feel that you would like to be involved in next year’s – be it helping with an activity during the week or setting up on the day – please let Mrs Hine know.

There will be one last chance for children to see the exhibition with their classmates on Monday morning before being dismantled. If you missed it and can pop in before school please do – before it is too late!


What They Said…



Yet another WOW factor as we entered the hall

Variety, quality and detail of each item is exceptional again

It is a fantastic display

Amazing display – fantastic

Lovely! Transported to Africa

A wonderful display

Fantastic work, Great display

What a wonderful exhibition

Vibrant, colourful and hugely impactful

Very impressed


Brilliant exhibition, well presented

Worthy of Birmingham Museum of Art Gallery

A very impressive display of art


Extremely impressive

Fantastic work!!

Wow, this is amazing!

Amazing – so much hard work and so much talent


Very impressed again this year with the high standard of artwork

Fantastic entrance – really set the scene

Very colourful, super exhibition. Thanks