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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6


Teacher:                        Mrs Hanna


Teaching Assistant:         Mrs Brice

                                    Miss Cummings SEN

                                    Mrs Bennett SEN


This Term:


Welcome to Year 6!


This term we will be learning about the Vikings; we have all sorts of activities planned with lots of opportunity for exploring the lives of these invaders. In history, geography and DT we will be learning about Viking artefacts, trade, gods and building model long ships!
In literacy we will be writing an autobiography of ourselves, re-telling a Viking myth, writing instructions and explanations, as well as studying and creating Viking poetry and using runic writing!
In science we are exploring how our bodies work, paying particular attention to our heart and circulatory system.

Please keep an eye on this page as we will be adding photos of all the exciting things we get up to very soon.


If you need to contact Mrs Hanna please either pop into school or e-mail on 


Year 6, The Teachers as they see themselves and as the children see them!

Caricatures featured are drawn by the winners of a class competition.

Our Prefects:


Reception: Kezia, Kathryn and Ophelia

Year 1: Jonny and Izzie

Year 2: Amy and Max

Year 3: Ellie-May and Henry

Year 4: Bella and Lucy W

Year 5: Fletcher and Ben


Music: Jamie and Ryan

Lunchboxes: Joseph and Chap