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Teachers:                      Ms Marsh and Mr Young


Teaching Assistant:      Mrs Brice




This Term:

Spring Term in Year 5

This term promises to be as exciting and educational as last term. We will be embarking on our Rainforest topic, which is always a favourite, and usually has the children gripped, with many children choosing to do their own personal research and fact finding. We will be looking at a wide variety of areas including the geography of the rainforest, climate, people, animals and the importance of the rainforest to the world ecosystem. In connection we will be reading ‘Journey to the River Sea’ by Eva Ibbotson and doing a wide variety of literacy around this text. The Rainforests is also an inspiring Art topic which will provide some creative experiences.

Our RE this term begins with a look at sacred places, and seeks to answer the question ‘If God is everywhere, why do we need places of worship?’ During this topic we will be investigating places of worship and comparing the physical and spiritual aspects of these.

Our non-topic based Literacy begins with a look at poetry and we will be exploring a wide variety of poetic texts from various eras. Children will have opportunities to write and share their own poems, with the intention of creating a class anthology. Weekly spellings and grammar will also be undertaken.

In maths we will be looking at percentages and building on what we already know: how they relate to fractions and how we use them in everyday life. We will also extend our knowledge of fractions, looking at some that are greater than a whole and what that means. Following on from that we will use multiplication and division methods to solve problems, and develop the skills necessary to be resilient to problem solving.

For the first half term in science we will be concentrating on astronomy starting with the structure of our solar system. We will then look at events closer to home such as days, years and the phases of the moon. For the second half term we turn to chemistry and look at the chemical makeup of everyday objects and how they are affected by changes in environment.

ICT will spend one half the term strengthening knowledge of coding, an important aspect of computing. We will be using ‘Scratch’ extensively during this time and it would be very helpful if they could be registered with it so they can save their files online. It is free to use and once registered the children can save and share their creations. For the second half of the term we will be using Excel spreadsheets learning how to manipulate data and display it as graphs. If pupils do not have access to Excel, then Google sheets is a free online alternative that will work the same way and will allow home practice if needed.

So, a busy but exciting term ahead for Year Five and their teachers!


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