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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5


Teachers:                      Ms Marsh and Mr Young


Teaching Assistant:      Mrs Brice




This Term:

Summer Term in Year 5

This term promises to be as exciting and educational as last term.

The Summer term is always full of lots of exciting things. The residential trip to the Isle of Wight is probably the highlight of the term for many The warmer weather provides us with more opportunities to be outside, both for sporting activities and other outdoor events. We begin the term with swimming at Southam, and the children will require their costumes and towels each week from Wednesday 18th April.

Our topic for this term will be ‘The Victorians’ and we will be looking at the way people lived, worked and entertained themselves during this period. There will be opportunities for individual, group and class work, with children being encouraged to do their own research and share their findings.

Our literacy will be based around the Victorian theme and we will be sharing the text ‘Street Child’ by Berlie Doherty. If the children have their own copy of the text they are most welcome to bring it in to school and use it this term. This text will provide a wide variety of opportunities for writing and exploring the lives of the characters against the social and economic background of Victorian Britain.

We will continue with our weekly spelling, punctuation and grammar work and the children will focussing on learning the Year 5/6 Spellings in preparation for their move to year 6.

Our Re topic looks at the life of Jesus and considers the question ‘what would Jesus do?’ and relates the life and teachings of Jesus to those of modern Christians. As part of our French work this term the children will be working on a mini topic on France, and exploring its geography and culture while learning some of its language.

In maths we are continuing with our work on number such as multiplication and addition and applying them to other ideas such as perimeter and area.  We will also be converting units, both metric and imperial such as centimetres, meters and feet.

In science we are looking at changing states of matter.  Dissolving, saturation, melting and burning as well as reversible and irreversible changes and separation of materials using sieves, filters, distilling and magnets.


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