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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3


Teacher:                    Ms Marsh


Teaching Assistant:     Mrs Cooper



This Term:


Welcome to Year 3 Summer Term at The Dassett.

The Summer term is always an enjoyable one with more opportunities to spend time outside. We will hopefully be enjoying lots of playtimes on the grass as well as our annual sports day and more outdoor PE.


In year three we will be embarking on the very popular and interesting topic of the Romans. This will involve looking at the Roman Empire and how it grew and developed. We will look at the invasion of Britain and how attempts to prevent this by Boudicca and the tribes of Britain were thwarted by the mighty Roman armies. We will also look at Roman society and the legacy left by the Romans on their departure, much of which is still relevant today.


In literacy we will be examining a variety of poetry and having a go at writing some of our own. We will also be looking at play scripts and dialogues as well as types of persuasive writing. Children will be having opportunities to study high quality texts and further develop their own literacy skills.


Maths lessons will see us spending time consolidating and extending our understanding of division and multiplication to include more formal written methods. Cracking times tables will still be tested every Friday. We will also be looking at using money in real contexts.


Science will involve work on plants and growing, and we will also be investigating light and shadow.

So a great final term in prospect for year 3.


Please keep up with your efforts at learning tables and spellings and let’s see how far we can get with the Wild Reading challenge this term.


Please keep an eye on this page as we will be adding photos of all the exciting things we get up to very soon.


If you need to contact Ms Marsh please either pop into school or e-mail on 


Year 3, The Teachers as they see themselves and as the children see them!

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