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Squirrel Class (Year 3/4)

Welcome to Squirrel Class


Teacher:                          Ms Marsh (Mon-Weds) / Mrs White (Thurs/Fri)


Teaching Assistants:       Mrs Gardner





This Term:


Ms Marsh

The Autumn term is always an exciting time. The beginning of a new school year gives us all a chance to make a new start and to learn new things. A chance to be the best that we can be. This term our topic will be Victorians and we will be taking a look at the life and times of the people, how they lived and what they contributed to History. We will also be looking at Queen Victoria herself and her life and experiences. It will be an exciting and informative topic with opportunities for individual research and class and group activities. I am very much looking forward to revisiting this period of history and bringing it to life for the children.

In Literacy we will be looking at a variety of different texts and genres. We will be starting by looking at stories by the same author, then moving on to stories from other cultures and explanation and instruction writing. Children will have lots of opportunities to develop their own skills as a writer, whilst continuing to develop firm foundations in grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Each Monday all children will bring home spellings to learn. They will be tested the following Monday. It would be very much appreciated if parents could assist with this in any way they feel would help. Also, daily reading practice is still very important and really does help with children’s progress and general understanding of text. All children will of course have their own reading book and reading will be monitored on an individual basis and through guided reading.

In Maths we will start the term with place value and fully embed children’s understanding of the value of each digit in a number. From here we will go on to consolidate and extend understanding of the four mathematical operations. Once again help with learning time tables is very much appreciated.

Both swimming and PE will take place on a Wednesday. Children will need a swimming costume (one piece) and a towel. Swimming hats are useful, especially as the weather becomes colder. If children require goggles they may bring these. Please could all items of clothing be named.





Mrs White

In our Maths lessons children will be focussing on Geometry, Shape, Data and different Measurements, including time. We will begin the term revising their 2 and 3D shape knowledge, naming drawing and sorting shapes, before moving onto telling the time. Every fortnight the children will be tested on their multiplications where they will have 3 minutes to answer as many questions as possible. Plenty of times table practice at home will help children develop their quick recall of these facts.

Our Literacy topic this half term will be all things poetic! We will begin by experimenting with words to create different images. After half term we will focus on humorous poetry where the children will explore different examples before applying the taught skills when writing their own funny poems. Finally, just before the Christmas break, we will be looking at writing letters to Santa.

Across all areas of the curriculum, children are encouraged to present their work to a high standard, using joined cursive handwriting. Spellings, Grammar and Punctuation will also regularly be taught.

In Science, the Year 3 children will be learning about our amazing bodies, asking scientific questions about what we need to survive. They will also become rock detectives in the second half of this term, exploring how fossils are formed and learning all about volcanoes. The children in Year 4 will begin the term learning all about electricity, how different electrical devices are powered and will experiment with building circuits. Following on from this, Year 4 will look at the various states of matter, defining the difference between a solid, liquid and gas.



This promises to be a very exciting term with lots of opportunities for the children to develop their knowledge, skills and experiences and to grow and develop as individuals and members of our school.

We are very excited about the term ahead and after such a positive start on our move up day we feel we all have much to look forward to.





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