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'Dassett Delights' Healthy Tuck Shop

2016 Price List


In line with new food regulations, all allergens are listed by the product in the tuck shop and are also listed  below so that you can guide your child in their selection. There are no nuts in line with our school ‘no nut’ policy. Products on sale may vary from week to week and we hope to include fresh produce as often as possible (including from our own gardens in the future). As of September 2015 we now have a permanent shop set up under cover just outside the rear doors.



Quaker Oat so Simple bars 30p (oats, wheat, milk)

Sunmaid Raisins 25p

Mandarin Pots 50p

Peach Pots 50p


Fresh Fruit (assorted)

Mandarin 25p

Banana 20p

Nectarine 20p

Strawberry Pot 25p

Tomato Pot 20p





Babybel Cheese 25p (Pasteurised Milk)



Open in morning break.

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